Bianca e Fernando

Having to change the title of his first major opera was only the first setback for the young Bellini. Others would follow.  As the date for the première approached, the Naples monarch, king Francesco I (1777-1830), had decided to move the entire court to the nearby palazzo Calvi during the Carnival season of 1826 and this meant that no opera was to be given in Naples during that period.

Therefor Bianca e Gernando had to be postponed to five months later. To complicate matters further, by now, the original singers, the soprano Adelaide Tosi (1800-1859) and tenor Giovanni David (1790-1864), for whom the roles of Bianca and (F)Gernando had been written, were not available anymore for being under contract elsewhere. Now the composer had to find new singers and (of course) having to re-write the parts.